Tech Specs

Key functions of this product include the following:
Importable file
Comma-delimited text file (csv format)
Analytical system – output data file, Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation
FL Solutions (compatible system: F-7100/7000/4500/2700/2500)
3-dimensional spectral measurement output file (tab-delimited text file)
Chromaster system manager (compatible system: D-2000ELite/D-7000)
LC measurement output file (tab-delimited text file)
MSD system manager (ver.2.1) (planned)

[ Data preprocessing ]
・scatter light exclusion
・Analysis range exclusion
・Axial dislocation
・Centration of data

[ Graph indication ]
・Gradation map
・Color contour map
・Color bird’s-eye view

[ Multivariate analysis ]
・LASSO regression analysis
・PLS regression analysis
・PLS discriminant analysis
・PARAFAC analysis