Key features of this product include the following:
Various multivariate analyses are available
Major operations of multivariate analysis such as grouping of samples, discriminant model formula creation, discrimination of unknown samples using the model formula, peak separation, etc. are available for execution.

Data preparation
Data preparation (deletion of unnecessary region/deletion of scattered light) is executed by checking the read-in sample image data.

Simple user interface
With a simple operating screen, it is easy to perform analysis by importing data and to view the analysis result even if multivariate analysis is executed for the first time.

Compatible with multiple analysis data
The software is compatible with output data from Hitachi’s analysis equipment such as fluorometer and liquid chromatograph.

Importable CSV data
Files in the CSV format, which are output from other analysis software, spreadsheet software, etc. can be read.

Saving image data
Read-in sample image data and statistical analysis result graphs can be saved as image data in the form of PNG/JPEG/PDF files.