Product comparison between Standard & Pro Version

Product comparison between SNPAlyze

SNPAlyze has the following limitations for analyses:

Major functions Products comparison
Standard Pro
NGS Data
Supported import samples (VCF file) 1,000 samples 5,000 samples
Principal Component Analysis 50 samples 3,000 samples
Case-Control Study 50 samples 3,000 samples
Supported import samples 1,000 samples 10,000 samples
Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium Test 2,560 loci
Case-Control Study
Cochran-Armitage Trend Test
Logistic Regression Analysis 1
Linkage Disequilibrium Analysis 1,000 loci
Haplotype Inference 2 30 loci 40 loci
Haplotype Block Analysis 1,000 loci
Case-Control Haplotype Analysis 10 loci
Bootstrap 3 可能
htSNP identification 可能
Microsatellite Data 4 可能
Open and Save SNPAlyze Data file 可能

Samples and loci are the maximum number to be imported.

1HealthSketch Ver.2.5 (or later) is needed to be installed in order to use this function.

2With this product, EM algorithm is applied for all haplotype candidates. Maximum number of loci which can be analysed at once in Standard is 30 and in Pro is 40.

3Bootstrap can be used for Case Control Study,Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium Test,Haplotype Inference,Linkage Disequilibrium Analysis and Cochran-Armitage Trend Test.

4Haplotype Block Analysis is not compatible with Microsatellite Data.

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