SNPAlyze® Free Trial

You can try SNPAlyze® for free (with limitations).

Steps to Get Started

  1. After reading the points listed in the on this page, please accept the “License Agreement”.
  2. The agreement is followed by a questionnaire and a user registration form. Please complete and submit them.
  3. You will receive a password that is required to execute the free demo version of the software for the first time. If you do not receive the password by e-mail within 2 or 3 business days, please contact us immediately at
  4. You can download the demo version on the page following the questionnaire and registration page.
  5. To execute this software for the first time, please enter your password. The demo version will then be ready for use.

Limitations of the Trial Version

Limited duration of use

The demo version is available only for 30 days after registration.

Functional limitations

  • Analysis results cannot be saved.
  • The “Bootstrap method” cannot be used.
  • In “Linkage Disequilibrium analysis” and “Haplotype block analysis”, SNP that can be chosen is restricted to 100 loci at the maximum.
  • In “Haplotype Inference,” SNPs can be selected from a maximum of 20 loci.
  • In “case-control haplotype analysis (Permutation test),” SNPs can be selected from a maximum of 3 loci.

We do not provide any support for the demo version. We encourage you to purchase the original version, which includes all the functionalities and for which we provide complete support. We can be contacted at any time at

System requirements

  • Windows 11/10
  • 4GB or more RAM
  • 10GB or more disk space
  • User management by the protection key is performed with SNPAlyze product version. Therefore, one USB port which connects protection key, is needed at the time of software execution. (When a parallel port type protection key is used, use of apparatus such as a printer through this port, cannot be performed.)

License agreement

Software License agreement

This license agreement is a written contract for making a contract between us to use the following software.

Software name:
SNP-disease association analysis software. SNPAlyze® Ver.9.0 (Trial version)

You must contract to use this Software with DYNACOM Co, Ltd. on this license agreement. Read the terms and conditions of this License agreement carefully before using this Software or the accompanying user documentation (the “Program”) is copyrighted and licensed (not sold). By using the Program you are accepting and agreeing to the terms of this License agreement. If you are not willing to be bound by the terms and conditions of this License agreement, you can not use this Program and promptly return the unused Program.

1. (About this license agreement)
The licensed program (“Software”) from DYNACOM Co., Ltd. (“DYNACOM “) contains modules, data and documents contributed by or licensed from DYNACOM Co., Ltd.

2. (Copyright, Trademark)
Copyrights in the Software and the accompanying user documentation (“User’s Guide”) are claimed by DYNACOM. © Copyright 2001-2015 DYNACOM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. SNPAlyze is a registered trademark of DYNACOM. No right, licenses, or interest to such trademark is granted hereunder, and you agree that no such right, license, or interest shall be asserted by you with respect to such trademark.

3. (Usufructuary right)
Under the terms of this license, you are hereby granted and you accept a non-exclusive license to use the Software and the accompanying user documentation (“User’s Guide”) only as authorized in this license agreement. This license agreement allows you to run the Software on a single computer system (the “System”) only. You acknowledge and agree that the Software and the User’s Guide are proprietary products of DYNACOM and/or DYNACOM’s licensors protected under Japan Copyright low. You further agree that all right, title and interest in and to the Software, including associated intellectual property rights, are and shall remain with DYNACOM and/or DYNACOM’s licensors.

4. (Limited Warranty of use for the purpose on consignment)
You agree that you must get the license about doing analysis the data placed in trust. You agree that you must get the license about doing analysis the data when you use the Software for purposes on consignment regardless of an onerous act or a gratuitous act.

5. (Limitation on copy)
You may make one copy of the Software for backup purposes only in the event that the supplied Media are damaged or destroyed. All copies of the Software must be kept in your possession and are the property of DYNACOM. You may make one copy of the User’s Guide for backup purposes only. Any such copies of the Software and the User’s Guide shall include the DYNACOM copyright notice and other property notice as contained in the original materials licensed to you. Except as authorized under this paragraph, no copes of the Software or User’s Guide or any portions thereof may be made by you or any person under your authority or control. If you fail to comply with any provision of this paragraph, you agree to return to DYNACOM all copies of the Software.

6. (Limitation on lend and otherwise)
You agree that you will not assign, sublicense, transfer, pledges, lease, rent, lend or share your rights under this license agreement. You agree not to export or re-export the Software and other technical data received from DYNACOM to other countries.

7. (Limitation on reverse engineer)
You agree that you may not reverse engineer, reverse assemble, reverse compile, or otherwise translate the Software. You may not modify, distribute or create derivative works based on the Software in whole or part. You agree that you may not reverse engineer, reverse assembles or attempts to duplicate any copy protection mechanism.

8. (Substitute of compensation for damages)
You agree to be claimed the amount multiplied the price of the Software and the number of copy or lend the Software together, as the substitute of compensation for damages, by DYNACOM, if you fail to comply with the copyright, as the provision of the 2 paragraph, thereof you copy and lend the Software.

9. (Termination of a contract)
This license will terminate immediately without notice from DYNACOM if you fail to comply with any provision of this license agreement. Upon such termination, you agree to return to DYNACOM or destroy all copies of the Software and the User’s Guide, along with any backup or other copies in your procession and a signed statement to the effect that no other customer-made copies are in existence.

10. (Limitation of Liability)
DYNACOM does not warrant that operation of any of the Software shall be error-free or uninterrupted or the Software will meet your requirements. The Software and documentation does not warrant the warranties of its merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The Software shall not be liable for any lost profits or for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or other damages suffered by licensee or others resulting from the use of the program or arising out of any breach or warranty.

11. (Change to the specifications of the program)
The Software further reserves the right to make changes to the specifications of the program and contents of the manual without obligation to notify any person or organization of such changes.

12. (Freedom to announce officially)
When you are authorized the right to use the Software, you can announce officially freely the result from the use of the program without the prior permission of DYNACOM. DYNACOM do not have any rights of your result from the use of the program.

13. (The rights about the Software)
Except for the authorized right clearly, you do not have the patent, industrial property, the copyright and any rights of the Software.

14. (Compliance with Low)
This license agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Should any term of this license agreement, or portion thereof, be declared void or unenforceable by any competent jurisdiction, such declaration shall have no effect on the remaining terms thereof. You acknowledge that you have read this agreement and understand it and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. You further agree that it is the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between DYNACOM and you which supersedes any proposal or prior written agreement, oral or written, and any other communications between us relating to the subject matter of this agreement. No amendment to or modification of agreement will be binding unless in writing and signed by a duly authorized representative of DYNACOM.