SNP and disease association analysis software
SNPAlyze (TM) SNPAlyze (TM)


In recent times, the widespread use of SNP and Microsatellite in both industrial and academic research has led to a growing demand for genotyping platforms. In addition, the high performance of genotyping technology creates large quantities of SNP and Microsatellite data. As a consequence, a powerful software capable of performing association studies between a massive amount of genotyping data and clinical information is required.
Dynacom experts developed SNPAlyze for obtaining genetic marker SNPs of genetic diseases and identifying disease susceptibility gene(s) and drug susceptibility gene(s) by evaluating their Statistical significance from SNP and Microsatellite data. It also offers a wide variety of options including the massive data processing function. Further, this software is capable of analyzing genotyping data files in various formats and displaying them graphically.

Ver. 9 released!!


What’s New

  • Ver. 9 released.

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