Dynacom Co.,Ltd.

Package product

  • Bioinformatics software


    SNP and disease association analysis software.
    Integrated oligo DNA design system.
    ProbeQuest Simple
    Probe and primer design software.
    Software for Functional Annotation.
    Disease-related information analysis software.
    Polymorphism detection software.

  • Data analysis software

    3D SpectAlyze  (>>Japanese text page)
    Multivariate analysis software specialized for various analytical data including fluorescent fingerprint.

Contracted development

  • Sample tracking system with Bar code, radio discernment tag, etc. (UNIX system + Windows)
  • Sample management information, DNA and Amino acid arrangement clustering.
  • Integrated management systems, such as a primer walking. (UNIX system)
  • Multiple alignment system. (UNIX system)
  • SNP search system. (UNIX system)
  • Analysis support system of various images. (Mac, Windows-compatible)

Fiduciary obligation

  • Data creation for DDBJ registration.
  • Download from the public database of DNA and amino acid data.
  • Processing and distribution (CD-ROM, DVD, DAT) Service.
  • CD-ROM mastering, duplicating.

WEB related service

  • BIOWEB® : Biotechnology related information service.
  • Member management service including SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
  • Various WEB application receptionists.
  • Server hosting services.
  • WEB design.
  • Product explanation system & guidance system.

Development of operating support application

  • Order management system (Access, MS-SQL Server, Visual Basic).
  • Customer relation management system.
  • WEB logging analysis system.
  • e-mail distribution & Member management service.